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2018 Vacation Day Program November 12th

Dates Morning classes Break Afternoon Activities Availability
Monday November 12th Rockets
LEGO Robotics
"Pumpkin" Spice Stop Motion Animation Available

Vacation Program Descriptions

Monday November 12th
Morning Rockets: Blast-off! Why do planes have wings and rockets not? We'll explore this question with the help of numerous paper rockets! Lego Robotics: With the help of Lego Mindstorms, you'll build and program a tank-bot that can navigate uneven terrain.
Break "Pumpkin" Spice: Definitely what pumpkin tastes like!
Afternoon Stop Motion Animation: Use stop motion techniques to take advantage of how our eyes process images to make your own animated video.

Vacation Week Tuition

Dates: November 12th
Program hours: 9:00am-4:00pm.

Daily Schedule: Morning is one science class and one technology class, followed by lunch and recess. We then get back to learning with a fun educational activity in the afternoon.
Extended hours: Extended AM hours are offered starting at 8:15am at an additional cost of $8 per day.
Extended PM hours are offered from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at an additional cost of $8 per half hour.
Cost: Daily tuition: $90
10% sibling discount.
Refer a friend and if they sign up, get 10% off!