Signup Bonus! Enjoy your pick of any of these:

Send it flying and watch it twirl back to earth, glowing all the while! Try out different bends to its wings.

Spy Glasses
Now you can see what's going on behind you! Keep an eye out for people following you and watch whatever secret business others try to conduct.

Mini Solar Car
Enjoy the smallest solar car in existence!

2 "Miracle" fish & 2 "Magic" Dino Eggs
Learn the science behind the magic!

Robotic fish
It's a fish, it's a robot, and it's a very good swimmer!

Crystal Tree
Watch it bloom! Your choice of pink, green or multicolor.

Solar Turtle
Check out the mechanism, or just put it outside and watch it go!

Wind-up Smart Mouse
Using only gears and springs, this smart mouse knows how to avoid going over the edge.

Mystical Garden
Set it up and see a whole landscape grow crystal leaves and flowers!

Robot Spider*

It's a robotic t-rex. A robotic t-rex!

A miniature working steam-powered boat. The kids in Ponyo used a giant version of one of these during the flood.

Underwater Garden.
Immerse ordinary-seeming rocks and see them grow into strange and eerie shapes.

Build a bizarre wind-powered creature. Or, with a few modifications, a hamster-powered one.

*The robot spider, robo-t-rex, and strandbeest all require adult supervision to build.