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Summer Schedule:
Summer Grades 1-3
Summer Grades 4-7
Advanced Technology Grades 6-12
FLL Bootcamp Grades 5-8.

Many of our students were busy this semester preparing for various events and competitions, from robotics, to science, to engineering!

Robotics: Our two FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams attended the regional qualifying tournament in Shrewbury on Dec 5. The theme this year was Trash Trek, solving the problems of trash disposal, recycling and sustainability. The Hackerz made a prototype net trap to collect and remove floating trash from streams and culverts. The Phoenixz built an aerating tumbling composter and are trying to set up a composting programs at their schools. The teams worked hard on their robots and projects, but did not bring back any awards this time. Better luck next year!

The younger roboteers also joined in the fun. The Jr. FLL challenge was called Waste Wise. The Trash Chompers built a model recycling plant, complete with dump truck and truck weighing scale, and programmed a robotic sorter to sort the trash (in the form of colored balls) by color into separate bins. The Pollution Solution team also built a model recycling plant with a series of conveyor belts to bring the trash to the sorting bins. They also programmed the model to sort by color. They attended the Jr Robotics Exhibition at the Hollis Brookline High School in Hollis NH. Check out the videos!

For more info about FLL, FLL Trash Trek.

Engineering: Every year the MIT Museum holds the Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction Event. This year's theme was the 18th Century, and our team chose steam power to research. The Wonder of Steam Team designed and built a contraption that used pulleys, a swing arm, and marble track to do their part in the chain, and built a model of a steam engine. Teams build Rube Goldberg-style devices that connect to each other, then a golf ball makes it's way from contraption to contraption in a wonderful chain reaction. This year's event was on Nov 27. For more info, F.A.T.

Science: Our Science Olympians are hard at work preparing for the many events they will participate in the Science Olympiad in March. This year they are competing in bridge building, crimebuster, road scholar, invasive species, anatomy and physiology, mission possible, bio-process lab, experimental design and fossils. For more info: 2016 Division B Events | Science Olympiad.

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