Check out our December vacation week, taking place from December 26th through 30th, as well as January 16th's vacation day program!

We'll also have an open house January 14th from 10AM-3PM!

This year's MIT Chain Reaction challenge was all about symmetry! Our team put together some colorful and symmetrical K'nex constructions, as seen in the Boston Globe article on the event.

Our First lego league teams, the Phoenixz and the Wild Wyverns, are working hard to solve 2016's challenge, Animal Allies. Besides creating a robot to complete the missions on the robot table, each team has to choose a problem or issue involving human-animal interaction and try to come up with a solution. The Phoenixz are studying the problem of bird strikes on airplanes. They have researched bird vision and and learned that birds can see ultraviolet light. Their project looks into placing UV lights on the plane wings to help birds see the plane in time to avoid it. The Wild Wyverns are studying bees and their problems. After interviewing a beekeeper, they came up with a device that would detect the sound that agitated bees make when a predator like a raccoon or skunk is attacking the hive. The device sends an alarm signal to the beekeeper's phone.

What a fun summer we had at SET!

We had a visit of wonderful tidepool creatures from the NE Aquarium and a student from Tufts Veterinary came to talk about how vets examine and diagnose animal problems. We made robots, marshmallows, lightsabers, volcanoes and cheese. We learned about mythical monsters, bugs, sea creatures, weird plants, dinosaurs, parasites and pokemon! We solved crimes with science and infiltrated Prof Z's secret zombie lab with our awesome secret agent skills. We explored dark dungeons and our own bright forest. We flew on paper wings and spun with water energy. We made chemicals react and rockets soar. We built websites, made movies, and programmed games.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and made this summer awesome!

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