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Congratulations to Dark Energy, our FIRST Lego League team! See the MetroWest Daily photo here.

This year's theme was "Into Orbit: Living and Working in Space". Ekaterina, Neo, Jason, James, Tommy and Siddharth did and outstanding job at the competition in Marlboro on Dec 8. The team's robot came in 9th place out of 35 teams. Great job for a young rookie team! Their project, the Super Amazing Space Glove got high marks, but not enough to win the innovation prize, alas. They designed the glove with pressure sensors on the finger tips to help the astronauts "feel" things through the thick gloves. The signal from the sensors fed back to a microcontroller that then sent a signal to vibrators inside the fingers of the glove, letting the wearer know he or she was grasping something and how firmly it was held.

Big thanks to Michael Bodnar, who worked long hours as second coach. His guidance and insight were crucial to team success. Also thank you to Riaz Ahmed for helping the kids with the electronics component of the Space Glove.

We took part in this year's MIT Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction Event with a glorious card roller-coaster!

DI: Congratulations to our fabulous Destination Imagination team! They won 1st place in their category at the regional qualifier. They did very well at the State competition, though not well enough to go to Globals, alas. Awesome job everyone!

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